Share your work

After reading for the 2nd time (with thanks to Bart<3) I decided that this website should become more dynamic than it’s current static CV-like-self-promotional-space. I would like to share some thoughts, ideas and experiences in relation to my work, such as the study of death-related issues and ritual, teaching psychology and ritual studies and trying to translate these insights into practice.

Kleon writes that the process is as much as interesting as the end-product and that one should open his “cabinet of curiosities”, which basically means: tell the world what fascinates you and show your “hidden treasures” (e.g. who inspires your work?).  In academia it can takes years before your ideas reach an audience and some ideas might never even be seen by the eye of the public. Therefore, I would like to start a dialogue with those interested in the topics that are related to my work as cultural psychologist, focusing on, but not restricted to perspectives on dying, death and bereavement, the role of culture and ritual in relation to identity and the search for meaning and questions regarding how to built a humane society from different perspectives.  I hope you like it!