Cultural psychologist specialized in research, education and advising in the field of existential care with focus on meaning-making, ritual, death and grief. For the last ten years I have been studying questions of meaning in our society from a cultural and psychological perspective. Questions, such as “how is meaning-in-life related to loss and suffering?”, “what are social and cultural expressions of grief?” or “how can rituals help in major life-transitions, such as from life to death?”, are central in my work.

In the past, I have studied concepts of symbolic immortality (notions of a “postself”), ethics of end-of-life decision-making and the role of secular or personal spirituality in grief and bereavement. In my recent research, I focus on ritual as a dialogical, transformative process,  the role of embodiment and practical implications in training (new) existential professionals. Other research interests are: identity theory, relational and narrative perspectives, ritual as method in spiritual counseling, contemporary religiosity/spirituality, multidisciplinary research and mixed-methods.